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The 15 Stars

The Unity Labour Party Manifesto 2015
Table of Contents

 The further creation of jobs and wealth; and the push to Zero Hunger;

 The push to Zero Hunger and the further reduction of poverty;

 The imminent opening and operation of the Argyle International Airport;

 The delivery of 12-Megawatts of Geothermal Energy within an overall plan for enhanced utilisation of renewable energy;

 The relocation and modernisation of the Port to the Bottom Town area; and the extension and enlargement of the Cruise Ship Pier at a new location in Arnos Vale;

 The further modernisation of the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, and the relocation of some of its major departments to, and enhanced health delivery at, an Acute Referral Hospital to be built at Arnos Vale;

 The consolidation and deepening of the Education and Housing Revolutions;

 The start-up of the building of a modern city at the Arnos Vale site of the E.T. Joshua Airport consequent upon the commencement of operations of the Argyle International Airport;

 The rolling-out of the most ambitious programme ever of road construction and rehabilitation (including bridges), and the building of sea and river defences;

 The construction of the National Stadium;

 The re-development and upliftment of capital city, Kingstown;

 The further building of resilience to climate change leveraging international incentives to bring investment and green jobs to our country;

 The development of significant tourism plants including at Mt. Wynne-Peter’s Hope, Canouan, Union Island, Mayreau and Bequia; assorted tourism services such as the attendance  of overseas students at the four Medical Schools, Cruise, Yachting, and “nature” tourism, will be further developed;

 The facilitation of major developments in agriculture, fisheries, manufacturing, assorted services (including the expansion of ICT);

 The initiation of massive confidence-building measures to reduce markedly unwarranted political divisiveness and to aid the process of reconciliation, love and unity among our people.

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The 15 Stars | Unity Labour Party (ULP) of St. Vincent & the Grenadines



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