Caribbean Integration

Turning the Dream into Reality

The Unity Labour Party Manifesto 2015
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The ULP is deeply committed to regional integration.  Indeed, the ULP government is at the forefront of seeking to deepen and widen the integration of our Caribbean and the further upliftment of its civilisation. Our regional integration policy is thus part and parcel of our domestic policies. At the centre of our regional integration efforts is our membership of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), inclusive especially of the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union (ECCU), the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court (ECSC), and the Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority (ECCAA); and the Caribbean Community (CARICOM).

The range of regional organisations to which St. Vincent and the Grenadines belongs indicates their salience to our survival and development. 

In our fourth term, the ULP government will, as a matter of strategic policy, focus on strengthening further the central regional institutions to deliver on their mandates. In the OECS, we will push for the full implementation of the Revised Treaty of Basseterre including its Economic Protocol; in CARICOM, we will seek to enhance the integration efforts in four vital areas: Functional Cooperation; Security; Coordination of Foreign policy; and Trade and Economic Integration, inclusive of the push for the Caribbean Single Market and Economy (CSME). We support a political union of the Caribbean but at a pace and in a form that the political market can reasonably bear.

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