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The Unity Labour Party Manifesto 2015
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The ULP government has been encouraging and facilitating the development of cultural industries (reggae, soca, calypso, dance, drama, pan, painting and sculpture, modelling, art and craft, architecture and design, creative writing).  The objective has been, and is, to harness and nurture the creativity of our people and develop the economic potential of the various forms of culture.  Much ground work has been laid; it is now to harvest the benefits fully, not episodically.

Our the next five years, as sketched in our government’s National Economic and Social Development Plan 2013 – 2025, we will pursue the following Strategic Interventions:

✔ Preserve, maintain and develop the cultural heritage, uplifting traditions and values of the Vincentian component of our Caribbean civilisation;

✔ Promote the continued production, marketing and distribution of cultural products in a partnership between the State, the creative artists/artistes, the private sector, and regional/international entities;

✔ Facilitate the globalisation of the Vincentian fashion industry;

✔ Develop the local performing arts as a vital form of cultural expression, and as a source of employment;

✔ Create public institutional structures, including the strengthening of copyright to enable the sustainable development of Vincentian cultural industries.

The ULP government will appoint, in the first instance a Coordinator of Cultural Industries, separate and distinct from the Cultural Officers whose roles are directed broadly to the development of culture. We envisage that such a Coordinator will evolve into a specialised Unit for Cultural Industries.

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