Embracing Urban Development

A Modern City at Arnos Vale, Upgrading Kingstown, Making Campden Park a City

The Unity Labour Party Manifesto 2015
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The bulk of the population of St. Vincent and the Grenadines resides between Buccament on the west and Stubbs on the east of St. Vincent. The nation’s major residential, commercial, tourism, fisheries, road transportation, health, administrative/ governmental, security, seaport, sporting and cultural facilities are in this geographic belt.  The impending closure of the E.T. Joshua Airport at Arnos Vale consequent upon the opening of the Argyle International Airport creates immense opportunities for integrated urban development.  The composite plan is to build a modern city at Arnos Vale on the 65 acres of land at the site of the E.T. Joshua Airport, to upgrade and re-develop Kingstown significantly, and to fashion Campden Park as the seventh city in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.  Substantial preparatory work has already been done in all these respects.

In the case of the modern city at Arnos Vale, a state-owned Arnos Vale Development Company has already been formed which is working in tandem with the state-owned National Properties Limited and the Argyle International Development Company, to elaborate plans for the city’s development.  A broad conceptual design frame for the city has been sketched; one overseas investor has already expressed a firm interest in a many-sided commercial development on 20 acres of the land; a World Bank-financed study has already identified Arnos Vale as the preferred site for the construction of a modern Acute Referral Hospital; and a transport study has advised that a tunnel under Cane Garden Pont is the most feasible and cost effective additional entry, and exit, between Kingstown and Arnos Vale.

Accordingly, in our fourth term, the ULP government will:

✔ Elaborate further the plans to build a modern city at Arnos Vale and the most viable additional road transportation connection between it and Kingstown, and to commence the construction of this project;

✔ Conduct an overall Re-Development Plan of Kingstown.  In the meantime, active elements to be implemented include: Rebuild and develop the block of government-owned properties (including those recently destroyed by fire) and the unfinished BAICO building adjoining, including car park facilities; construct a Boardwalk, Cultural Centre, and Modern Market Shops in the area of “China Town” and the waterfront; Renovate Little Tokyo; and, generally, clean up Kingstown.

✔ Work with the business community, civil society, and the people of Campden Park to establish a seventh city at Campden Park with appropriate state-private sector-community governance arrangements;

✔ Refurbish and further develop the towns of Chateaubelair, Barrouallie, Layou, Calliaqua, and Georgetown; and main urban centres in Mespo, Bequia, Canouan, and Union Island.

✔ Re-structure the Kingstown Board to lift its effectiveness, and community involvement/governance.


The rebuilding and developing the block of government-owned properties in Kingstown (including those recently destroyed/ damaged by fire) and the unfinished BAICO building will be financed by monies which the government currently pays in rent.  The proposed Boardwalk-Cultural Centre – Modern Market Shops will be financed in partnership with the developers of Mt. Wynne-Peter’s Hope. Funds are available through Petro Caribe and a private sector partner to renovate Little Tokyo.  Uptown will be redeveloped through the Cruise Ship – Port – Arnos Vale City Projects.  Clean-up Kingstown will accompany all this! This city development is massive!


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