Good Governance

Among the Best in the World

The Unity Labour Party Manifesto 2015
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House of Assembly

The ULP government has had a distinguished record of good governance; this fact is widely-recognised nationally, regionally, and internationally.  Indeed, our good governance performance has been acclaimed by the United Kingdom and American governments, the European Union, the World Bank, Freedom House, Transparency International, the Commonwealth Secretariat, the United Nations and its many agencies, the Financial Action Task Force, and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), on governance matters such as economic and political freedoms; democracy; judicial independence; respect for human rights; quality policing; anti-money laundering; political hygiene and anti-corruption; free and fair elections; participatory governance and civil society involvement; freedom of the press; protection of women, children, and indigenous peoples; defence of the poor and the marginalised; and non-discrimination on grounds of ethnicity, sex, political opinions, and religion.

Since 2001, the ULP government has embarked on the Reform of the Public Service and State Administration; Modernisation of the Police Force; enhanced workings of the Parliament, including its live broadcasting on radio and television; strengthening financial administration and audit; ensured that the tendering process for the procurement of goods and services and the award of building contracts are open, transparent and competitive; stopped the misuse and abuse of government vehicles by ministers; made highly successful efforts in stamping out official corruption and waste of government’s resources; stood steadfast against political victimisation; ceased the immoral and illegal practice of selling State lands at knock-down prices to government ministers and their friends in high places; built a culture of political hygiene; enhanced popular consultation on public policies; and ensured the maintenance of the independence and quality of the Judiciary and Magistracy.

Overall, in our fourth term, the ULP government in uplifting “good governance” will pursue the following inter-connected strategic objectives:

✔ Enhancing participatory and parliamentary accountability, transparency, effectiveness and efficiency in the provision of public goods and services;

✔ Lifting the quality and independence of the judicial and legal system and to enhance confidence in it;

✔ Reforming the public service and further strengthening financial administration, including audit functions;

✔ Reforming, modernising and making more efficient and  accountable public enterprises.

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