Health and Wellness

Quality Care for all, including the Youth, in the 21st Century

The Unity Labour Party Youth Manifesto 2015
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The ULP’s proposals on “Health and Wellness” are detailed in its overall Manifesto for the 2015 general elections. The Youth, however, have very special health and wellness concerns.  In our fourth term, the ULP government will address these special “Health and Wellness” matters for young people:

✔ Focus further on educational and health delivery services on healthy living and preventative care;

✔ Put an even greater emphasis on the many-sided battle against HIV/AIDS, and behavioural/lifestyle choices manifested later in life as hypertension, diabetes, and cardiac ailments;

✔ Set about to reduce death and injuries arising from criminal violence, motor vehicle accidents, and work-place accidents or unsafe, unhealthy working environments;

✔ Build upon and extend further the range of accident and emergency services offered at hospitals and clinics;

✔ Ensure that even better quality care for pregnant mothers and for babies and children is available at hospitals and clinics; we will refresh further the excellent pediatric care at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital in tandem with the World Pediatric Project;

✔ Make certain that physically-challenged young persons receive enhanced care, attention, and assistance;

✔ Ramp up the provision of a systematic programme of sports medicine for sportsmen/women throughout St. Vincent and the Grenadines;

✔ Strengthen the facilities for a more sensitive, quality treatment of young persons with problems of mental health;

✔ Ensure the implementation of the comprehensive programme for the education and treatment of young persons who misuse and abuse drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes;

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