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“Break Free with Mr. B!”


A true man of Bequia, Mr. B was educated at the Paget Farm Primary School and Bequia Seventh Day Adventist Secondary. He went on to receive tertiary education at the St. Vincent Teachers College, St. Lucia Technical Teachers Training College and the Kendall Institute, Massachusetts.

Mr. B enjoys fishing and is the proud parent of three grown children. He lives with his wife Leah at La Pompe, Bequia and attends church at Paget Farm Evangelical.

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Constituency Office: Above Bequia Community High School, Port Elizabeth


  • Constructed a brand new state of the art clinic at Port Elizabeth
  • Pioneered the use of green energy by establishing a solar system that provides energy for the desalinization plant
  • Repaired the entire pavilion including the water tank, toilets, septic system and lighting
  • Rebuilt, modernized and extended the Fisheries Centre
  • Partnered with Community Groups to construct a farine shed at Jellizeau, a library at Paget Farm, a 20,000 gallon water storage and pumping system at Union Vale and an attractive and well appointed public toilet and shower at Port Elizabeth


  • Finance and form fisherfolk cooperatives to improve marketing of their produce and help with equipment purchases
  • Procure a tractor and make it available for public use
  • Develop a small marina on island to encourage the yachting sector
  • Promote hotel development for overnight visitors