Putting the Youth to Work

The Unity Labour Party Youth Manifesto 2015
Table of Contents

✔ Implement the overall job and wealth creation policies and programmes as laid out in the ULP’s Election Manifesto of 2015.

✔ In the ULP government’s general economic framework for jobs and economic growth, the following highlights touch and concern young people:

  1. Existing monies are available for business start-ups or expansion from the Farmers’ Support Company for young farmers, fisherfolk, and agro-processors for up to $20,000 per successful applicant in soft-loans at 2 percent interest per year; and from the World Bank-financed CARCIP Project for entrepreneurs in the information technology business (the World Bank lends to the Government at minimal cost; the Government provides grant financing to the successful applicants/entrepreneurs);
  2. Facilitating young entrepreneurs at the Centre for Excellence (IT entrepreneurs), and more generally at the Centre for Enterprise Development, Invest SVG, the SVG Bureau of Standards, the Commerce and Intellectual Property Office (in respect of copyright issues particularly for song-writers and cultural performers). The proposed Office of Private Sector Development; and the proposed Coordinator of Cultural Industries (in respect of the young entrepreneurs/performers who work in this area) will further boost the facilitation of young entrepreneurs;
  3. A special Lending Window in the proposed Regional Development Bank for the OECS and the Regional Enterprise Development Fund (proposed by the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank) to facilitate young entrepreneurs;
  4. The freedom of movement of persons in the OECS and the Right of Establishment of Businesses in the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas for CARICOM’s CSME.

✔ Enhance the targeted strategic interventions for employment of young persons through the Youth Empowerment Service (YES) and the Support for Employment and Training (SET) programmes.

✔ Operationalise fully the Land Bank to secure lands for young farmers who are keen on farming, but who have no, or inadequate, access to arable land.

✔ Focus especially on job creation and entrepreneurship for young persons in respect of the creative industries, information technology, tourism and allied services, the professions, high-end agriculture, and agro-processing.  The ULP’s 2015 Election Manifesto has the details on these matters, and more, in respect of job and wealth creation.


The ULP government has special jobs and training programmes, such as the YES and SET programmes, for unemployed young people. These programmes are hailed as best practices in the Caribbean and Latin America. In the ULP’s fourth term in government, we will consolidate and extend these programmes.  At the same time we will embark on another relevant initiative specifically targeting unemployed young persons who have an interest in training and employment in the technical fields, information technology, the creative industries, art and craft, agriculture and fishing, and the service industry.  This initiative will be funded through Petro Caribe.

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