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Senator Jomo Thomas has a strong history of involvement in numerous social causes locally and nationally. From sponsoring and mentoring young students to the sponsorship of the netball teams in Questelles, Dubois and Campden Park, Jomo is a man of the community who is committed to the community.

He was educated at St Mary’s RC School and St. Martin’s Secondary School. He went abroad for his tertiary education and received his B.A. from Brooklyn College, an M.A. from Howard University, a J.D. from Rutgers University and an L.E.C. from the Hugh Wooding Law School (Trinidad).

An attorney-at-law, Mr. Thomas has a strong record of ably defending his clients and ensuring that they receive fair treatment under the law. He has one daughter, Zenzili Thomas. In his spare time, he enjoys jogging, swimming and reading.

Favourite Quote

“Never give up.”

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Constituency Office: Chauncey
Phone: 453-4387


  • Built the Housing Development at Clare Valley
  • Constructed the Hope and Vermont/Francois Bridge
  • Began the Rehabilitation of the South Leeward Highway
  • Rehabilitated the Vermont Nature Trail
  • Construction of the Buccament Government School


  • Marry idle hands with idle lands in agricultural cooperative
  • Emphasize technical & skills training in air conditioning / refrigeration, plumbing, etc.
  • Develop Campden Park into the 7th Town
  • Relocate the Cruise Ship Berth from Kingstown to Campden Park
  • Develop Rapid Response Road Repair Battalion