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Letter from President of the ULP Youth Arm

The Unity Labour Party Youth Manifesto 2015
Table of Contents

My Young Comrades and Friends,

I am proud to be a member of the Unity Labour Party and I am proud of the record of this government since assuming office in March 2001.  As a young person, I can personally attest to the multitude of opportunities available to young people under this government. 

I have seen with mine eyes many young persons taking advantage of the YES and SET programs, the revolutionary disadvantaged student loans, the abundance of scholarship opportunities to Venezuela, Taiwan, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Russia, Turkey, Malaysia among others, the low income housing program among many other excellent initiatives of the government.

I have personally witnessed the impact of the one-laptop-per-child initiative on our young students. I have seen the fruits of the Universal Access to Secondary Education program being realised.  Our country’s CAPE and CXC results get better each year; our students do well at their examinations. But this is just the tip of the iceberg.  There are many more good policies and programmes which have positively impacted upon our young people and there will be many more.

I am satisfied that the ULP is on the right path for St. Vincent and the Grenadines and deserves the support of young people. Thus, I am asking you on behalf of “Unity Youths” to vote for the ULP in these General Elections.

This Youth Manifesto and the overall ULP Manifesto for the General Elections of 2015 contain a significant people-centred vision and practical policies/programmes to uplift further our nation, including its young people. I urge you to read, study, and discuss these two documents; and vote wisely. YOU are a stakeholder in our nation’s development. The choice of Government in this General Election impacts YOU greatest.

The ULP not only inspires young people; importantly, the ULP draws out of young people their potential, creativity, goodness and nobility.  The ULP has a record of accomplishments on matters which touch and concern young people; thus, it can be trusted to enhance further the condition of life of young people through the creation of the opportunities and facilities necessary and desirable for young people’s development. The ULP has kept its many promises to young people and is committed to do even better than before.  This Youth Manifesto points the way forward.  Together we can assist in shaping this future, our future, with Labour Love.

Please vote ULP; vote Comrade Ralph again to continue his leadership of our nation.

Sincerely yours,

Kezron Walters
President, Unity Youths Arm of
the Unity Labour Party

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Letter from President of the ULP Youth Arm | Unity Labour Party (ULP) of St. Vincent & the Grenadines



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