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“Luke Browne for a Better East Kingstown”

St. Vincent’s first Rhodes Scholar, Senator Luke Browne was selected to study at the world renowned University of Oxford. He was recognized with this prestigious honour because of his academic brilliance, achievement in sports, concern for human development and leadership.

Upon returning to St. Vincent, he immediately sought to be of service to his country. He was appointed to the Senate and currently serves as the Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism, Sports and Culture.

Active in his constituency, Luke founded the Light Hill Foundation and has used it to publish several books. It also sponsors the Richmond Hill United Football team and supports Christmas light up work across the constituency. He also founded Luke’s Kids Club, an organisation for children that hosts summer programmes and provides lessons for Grade 6 students from disadvantaged households.

Luke is committed to building a better Kingstown.

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Constituency Office: Sion Hill, Kingstown