Building a Strong Manufacturing Base, Finding a Niche

The Unity Labour Party Manifesto 2015
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Metal Factory Worker

The manufacturing sector has expanded over the last ten years despite challenges of market size, relatively high cost of energy and other inputs, and unfair trade arrangements in some external markets.  The ULP government has worked assiduously with the manufacturing sector to lift its local value-added, increase output and value, and to create more jobs. Our government has assisted with ample fiscal incentives, tax relief, electricity costs, advocacy within CARICOM for special and differential treatment for Less Developed Countries (LDCs), and taking advantage of protective regimes for LDCs in CARICOM.

Expansion in manufacturing has been evident in the production of beer, soft drinks (including the revival of the Ju-C), flour, rice, animal feed, wines, bread and pastry, windows and roofing materials, construction and quarrying materials, furniture, assemblage of household appliances, agro-processing, fish-processing, water bottling, data processing, clothing, ice-cream making, among other commodities.

In our fourth term, the ULP government will continue its push to target specific manufacturing enterprises with a good track record (quality product, favourable market prospects, and sound management) for special assistance to move these from “a cottage industry” status to a more substantial manufacturing enterprise.

Our work to bring down the cost of energy will assist in the development of our manufacturing industry. By making energy  more affordable, we make our manufacturing industry more competitive, thereby creating jobs and opportunity in the sector.

Our government will continue our quest for high-end manufacturing, agro-processing, bottled water export, and products with a “Vincy” reputation/tradition.  The ULP government will continue, too, its substantial fiscal and other incentives to the manufacturing sector. Literally dozens of new small-to-medium-sized manufacturing enterprises have received full fiscal incentives, and numerous existing enterprises have had the incentives and concessions renewed and extended.  We will continue with our initiative to grant duty-free concessions for raw materials and spare parts/equipment used in manufacturing in addition to the standard pre-existing concessions on start-up machinery. 

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