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“Success through Unity”


One of the most dynamic young leaders in the Caribbean, Saboto Caesar has served in several capacities as a Minister of Government at a young age. Born and raised in Diamonds Village, he attended the Diamonds Village Government Primary School, St. Martins Secondary School and St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College. He excelled in school, proving to other young people that, “we can do it!”

He completed tertiary education at the University of West Indies (Cave Hill), Hugh Wooding Law School and the University of London where he received a Masters of Law. After returning to St. Vincent, he immediately got involved in his community – working with the Diamonites Youth Group, the South Central Windward Development Organisation, YAM (Youth Awareness Movement) and the South Central Windward Producers Co-Operative.

You might be surprised to know that in addition to his stellar educational credentials and community service, he also has training in culinary arts.

Favourite Quote

“Success is a destination which comes with a journey.”

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  • Completed the Sans Souci Housing Project
  • Completed the Sans Souci Learning Resource Centre
  • Completed the North Union Vegetable Market
  • Completed the Lowman’s Clinic Expansion Project
  • Completed Diamonds and began the Mt. Grenan Playing Field Projects
  • Refurbished Greggs, Lauders – Antoine and Lowmans Hard Courts


Blessed with hundreds of acres of fertile land and dedicated farmers, South Central Windward through a carefully planned program for agriculture diversification and agri-processing development will contribute significantly to the reduction of the nation’s Food Import Bill.

Located a mere 15 minutes drive from the Argyle International Airport, communities in South Central have explored successfully the potential for bed and breakfast accommodation embracing both agri and eco tourism.

Being well on our way to having an average of one medical doctor for each village, combined with the large number of trained professionals at the highest level, we will become a major service provider contributing significantly to nation building.