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The Unity Labour Party Youth Manifesto 2015
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A Central Objective of the ULP administration is to promote a healthy and physically fit population through sports, physical education/training, and recreational activity.  Since 2001, the ULP government has ensured that the quest to achieve this objective has been pursued in a focused manner in schools, the communities, the sporting clubs and national sports’ organisations, and through the Ministries of Education, Sports (including the National Sports Council), Health and Wellness, and Finance (through the National Lotteries Authority).  Our record is outstanding.

Seven Strategic Interventions have been at the core of the ULP government’s quest to achieve the Central Objective:

✔ Provide and maintain sporting and recreational facilities to acceptable standards;

✔ Ensure that physical education, sports, and recreation are integral to Vincentian life and living;

✔ Stimulate greater public interest, support, and participation in sports;

✔ Upgrade the level of skills and general competences of sports administrators and facilitate the strengthening of the administration of sports at all levels;

✔ Encourage actively more persons to pursue sports as a career path;

✔ Facilitate the development of Sports Tourism as an integral component of national development;

✔ Elaborate further, and implement, a National Sports Policy, inclusive of a national recreation and play policy for children and youths.

Over the next five years, the ULP government will:

  • Continue the building/rehabilitation of sports facilities at community levels and nationally; in this regard, the construction of the planned-National Stadium will be effected;
  • Facilitate the various sporting organisations in the implementing of their work plans;
  • Assist in the training of more coaches and technical personnel in all sporting disciplines in conjunction with the sports’ organisations;
  • Continue the practice of ensuring that persons who represent St. Vincent and the Grenadines at the national level in sports are employed or are at school/college/university;
  • Encourage sporting associations/organisations to foster internal democracy, transparency, and efficiency/effectiveness in these associations/ organisations;
  • Build up the resource-level in the National Sports Foundation which was set up to assist national sporting organisations in their regional/ international competitions;
  • Make Sports Tourism work for St. Vincent and the Grenadines and the sportsmen/women;
  • Facilitate sportsmen/women to make careers out of their sporting ventures;
  • Provide further fiscal incentives and relief for sporting equipment, including gym equipment;
  • Continue to appoint distinguished sports personalities as Sporting Ambassadors, inclusive of the privilege of holding a diplomatic passport;
  • Ensure that St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ representation at the 2016 Olympics and the preliminary rounds for the FIFA World Cup is actively supported and encouraged in practical material terms. “Vincy Heat” has the full support of the ULP government on its way to the top.
  • Continue to support our sportsmen/women preparatory to, and at, the Special Olympics;
  • Strengthen the Ministry of Sports and the National Sports Council to better carry out their mandates;
  • Build in a much more focused way the development of sports in the primary, secondary, post-secondary, tertiary educational institutions;
  • Look after the health and wellness requisites of participants in sports and recreation.


Vincy Heat, our national football team, has been performing wonderfully. Our team’s next engagement with the experienced USA team is huge: one game in the USA in November 2015; and the other, at home in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, in September 2016.  Huge opportunities are at hand, particularly the game at home.  That game has significant economic potential for St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ sports tourism, regional and international prestige, and for the footballers.  We must plan and execute well; and take full advantage especially with the Argyle International Airport in operation to bring Vincentians abroad and visitors-alike for a massive sports, cultural, culinary and tourism event. Only a ULP government can properly coordinate this and pull it off.  More impressive than Labour Day in Brooklyn is a Labour Day Weekend 2016 in SVG! Then we are on our way with “Vincy Heat” to the top.

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