A Summary of the ULP’s Record in Advancing the Youth Agenda

The Unity Labour Party Youth Manifesto 2015
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✔ Creating more jobs for young persons through the workings of the economy and through targeted interventions, than any government hithero.

✔ Implementing the Education Revolution in every material particular and at every level of education and training, especially universal access to quality secondary education and the phenomenal expansion of post-secondary education/training at the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College (all four Divisions) and university/professional education.

✔ Rolling-out the One-Laptop-Per-Student Initiative.

✔ Putting in place since 2001 the initiative of paying students nurses to attend the School of Nursing and provide them with a free education/training.

✔ Enhancing access to college and university education through scholarships, grants, other financial support, and loans for economically-disadvantaged students.

✔ Placing ICT at the centre of education, training and production.

✔ Implementing the Youth Empowerment Service (YES) Programme (over 7,000 participants costing $40 million since 2001. Assessed by UNESCO as a best-practice youth programme in the Caribbean and Latin America).

✔ Instituting the Support for Education and Training (SET) Programme for college and university graduates.

✔ Facilitating young farmers and fisherfolk with low-cost loans through the state-owned Farmers’ Support Company.

✔ Assisting young entrepreneurs especially in the area of ICT and assorted services. 

✔ Delivering an array of enhanced health services and programmes touching and concerning young persons, including  accident and emergency medical care, maternity health care, HIV/AIDS and other sexually-transmitted diseases, sports medicine and physiotherapy, pharmaceutical services, nutrition, and hospital-medical-surgical interventions.

✔ Creating jobs for young people in diverse areas of the economy particularly in the public service, teaching, the Police Force, nursing, the state enterprises, the professions, the service industry (tourism, ICT, banking and insurance, etc.), tourism, manufacturing, farming, fisheries, the creative industries, public utilities, on the cruise ships, transportation, wholesale and retail trade, and construction.

✔ Building/rebuilding/expanding/renovating sporting facilities all over St. Vincent and the Grenadines, at a cost of dozens of millions of dollars, including: Victoria Park, the Arnos Vale Cricket Facility and Sports Complex; Sion Hill and Arnos Vale No. 2 Playing Fields, Stubbs, Layou, Keartons, Park Hill, South Rivers, Georgetown, Buccament, Biabou, Cane End, Sharpes, London, and Clive Tannis (Bequia) Playing Fields; numerous hard courts; Tennis Courts at Villa; Squash Courts.

✔ Constructing/reconstructing/renovating currently a range of sporting facilities under a special $6 million programme by the National Lotteries Authority, including Calliaqua, Peniston, Cumberland, and Chili-Rabacca.

✔ Working with the various sporting organisations in respect of their on-going activities, including the SVG Football Federation and the SVG Swimming Association in improving the physical facilities for the respective sporting disciplines.

✔ Facilitating young persons to secure access to affordable housing and lands through the Ministry of Housing and the Housing and Land Development Corporation.

✔ Implementing major public sector investment projects which are of a long-term nature and will thus benefit young persons more. These projects include: the Argyle International Airport; Seaport Development; the Geo-thermal project, and the proposed modern city at Arnos Vale.

✔ Attracting significant foreign direct investment and facilitating domestic private investment especially in tourism and an array of other services which benefit young persons disproportionately, now and in the future.

✔ Developing popular culture and engendering the development of cultural industries as never before in our history, to the benefit of young persons.

✔ Strengthening citizen security especially for young females.

✔ Building a sense of nationalism, energizing the Vincentian and Caribbean spirit, and embracing the nobility of our Caribbean civilisation with, and among, young people.

✔ Working with the churches and civil society generally, including youth organisations, to build a sense of purpose, and optimism, and hope for the future in young people. 

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