Twenty Strategic Interventions for Youths

Towards the Year 2020

The Unity Labour Party Youth Manifesto 2015
Table of Contents

Under the First Central Objective of “Empowering the Youth for National Development”, there are eight Strategic Interventions proposed by the ULP administration:

  • Educate young persons for living and production in accord with their abilities, possibilities, and goals. Education and training, including technical education, enhance their capacity to engage efficaciously the competitive environment nationally, regionally (the OECS and the Caribbean Single Market and Economy) and globally.
  • Build the entrepreneurial capacity of the youth.
  • Enhance avenues for self-expression and personal development, through sports, arts, culture, religion, and social activities generally.
  • Provide further opportunities for vocational skills development and for “second chance” programmes for completing secondary education.
  • Extend and improve vocational coverage for marginalised youths.
  • Strengthen partnerships with the private and public sectors to facilitate mentorship and internship programmes.
  • Implement social and health programmes directed to uplifting and assisting young people.
  • Strengthen the capacity of the Youth Affairs Department and the institutional framework of governance for the provision of youth employment.

Under the Second Central Objective of “Building Public Awareness of Youth Issues, and their Implementation”, the ULP government advances six Strategic Interventions:

  • Evaluate the impact of, and strengthen, programmes which address particular youth issues such as HIV/AIDS, drug and alcohol misuse/abuse, and unemployment.
  • Promote youth training and development as a vital component of the development process.
  • Establish mechanisms whereby policies and programmes for youth can be identified, formulated, implemented, and evaluated.
  • Develop further and implement programmes to facilitate proper integration of “at-risk youth” into the society.
  • Update/implement policy for the care and protection of vulnerable youth.
  • Provide avenues for leisure, self-expression, talent development and community service.

Under the Third Central Objective of “Fostering Uplifting Ideals Among Young People”, the ULP administration proposes the following:
Increase opportunities for the youth to play effective roles in community-based programmes.

  • Sensitise the youth to environmental problems and the agenda for sustainable development.
  • Encourage sound nutrition, physical education and sports among young people.
  • Encourage and support exchange programmes and visits abroad, especially in the Caribbean.
  • Provide technical and financial support to youth organisations, social and sports clubs.
  • Promote youth participation in tourism and cultural events, and the engendering of the uplifting values of our Caribbean civilisation and its Vincentian component.

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