Water: Our Lifeblood

The Unity Labour Party Manifesto 2015
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It is generally accepted, regionally and globally, that St. Vincent & the Grenadines has the best delivery of quality water to all its people at the lowest price in the entire Caribbean. St. Vincent itself has one of the best water supply systems in the world.  In 2001, quality pipe-borne water was available to some 70 percent of the households in St. Vincent; today, some 98 percent of the households have pipe-borne water directly to them; and the coverage, through public-private delivery systems, in the Grenadines is practically universal.

Since 2001, a central objective of the ULP government has been to ensure an adequate, safe, reliable, and sustainable supply of water to every household and business at the lowest possible price -- a price which is quite affordable. Our efforts have been, and continue to be, directed at the following eight Strategic Interventions:

✔ Expanding the water supply and distribution system;

✔ Improving the protection and management of water resources;

✔ Increasing the economic viability of the provision of water services;

✔ Battling strenuously against squatting, farming and other human activities around major water catchments;

✔ Developing and promoting conservation measures and best water use practices to ensure optimal utilisation of water resources;

✔ Improving the quality of potable water supply;

✔ Expanding the provision of potable water to the Grenadines;

✔ Upgrading the system for the collection, monitoring and management of hydrological and the data/information on water resources.

The State-owned entity, the Central Water and Sewerage Authority, has been doing excellent work through a talented group of committed professionals, technicians, and support staff at all levels. Among the achievements over the last 15 years include the construction of the Dallaway Water Project; the construction of the Windward Water Project; completion of the water Treatment Plant at Majorca; upgrading every single water catchment facility and water distribution network, including its connectivity; improving vastly the delivery of water to the Grenadines (Bequia, Union, Mayreau, especially); built a storage tank at Kelbourney; built an extended pipeline at Layou; rehabilitated swiftly the water delivery system after the Christmas Eve Storm; provided water for the first time to several elevated areas and many informal human settlements; removed the water-meter charge of $16 for consumers who are 65 years of age and are on public assistance; and strengthened the CWSA so as to ensure its enhanced efficiency.

In practical terms over the next five years, the ULP administration will pursue the aforesaid Strategic Interventions and build upon the excellent work of the last 15 years. Among other practical outcomes, our government will build another storage facility in Vermont to bolster water delivery in that area, including to Buccament Resorts; ensure ample delivery of water to the proposed NIS-GECCU housing estate development at Peter’s Hope, and the huge US$250 million hotel resort development at Mt. Wynne-Peter’s Hope; markedly enhance the delivery of quality water to the Grenadines; provide further professional and technical training in all disciplines relating to the delivery of water; and push to achieve 100 percent access to quality water supply directly to all households.

As regards the collection and disposal of solid waste, since 2001, CWSA has performed extremely well, nation-wide. The Diamond and Belle Isle Land-Fills are functioning well; so, too, garbage collection in every area of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.  In the Grenadines (Bequia, Union, Canouan and Mayreau) garbage collection and disposal have been enhanced markedly; between now and 2020, more advanced systems would be installed in Bequia, Union, and Canouan.

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