Examples of Our Nationalist Affirmations

The Unity Labour Party Manifesto 2015
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Under the ULP government, St. Vincent and the Grenadines has repeatedly affirmed its nationalist essence, without descent into a debilitating and vulgar chauvinism or petty islandness. Our nationalist sense and sensibility have been bolstered always through a commitment to a mature regionalism and an uplifting internationalist solidarity. Never would you hear our ULP government ask in its consideration of any matter: What would America say? What would Cuba or Venezuela, or Taiwan, or any other country say? We in the ULP elaborate, and implement, our public policies on the foundation of core principles. To the extent that our positions coincide with those of other nations is nothing but our pursuance of our own home-grown policies, not the following of other countries.


✔ Embracing the proposition that our nation is founded in the belief in the supremacy of God and the freedom and dignity of man and woman within the context of further ennobling our Caribbean civilisation and its magnificent Vincentian component;

✔ Active membership of Petro Caribe, ALBA, and the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) contrary to the advice of assorted neo-colonialists;

✔ Establishment of diplomatic relations with several countries outside of the traditional “western” orbit;

✔ Adopting independent positions at the United Nations on a range of issues different to those of some of our traditional friends, and newer allies;

✔ Taking certain stances internationally on some whaling issues which are at variance with those of traditional ally, Japan;

✔ Defending firmly our country against certain scurrilous allegations by ill-informed agencies of foreign governments and agencies, often spurred-on by opportunistic opposition elements at home;

✔ Staking out the position of the Caribbean, including St. Vincent and the Grenadines, as being possessed of an independent, authentic, unique civilisation of nobility and quality;

✔ Striving for St. Vincent and the Grenadines to become a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council for the two years 2020-2021, the smallest nation ever to pursue actively this ambition/goal;

✔ Agreeing to disagree with our traditional friend, the USA, on Cuba for 14 years until President Obama altered the American government’s stance;

✔ Defending the right of the people of Cuba and Venezuela in our hemisphere to pursue their own system/structure of governance and socio-economic arrangements;

✔ According early and strong support for Palestine to be an independent State, and at the same time calling for a secure Israel, within the context of peace in the Middle East;

✔ Taking on Texaco successfully on the issue of prices, and supply of LPG (cooking gas);

✔ Rebuffing unreasonable demands of the Kingstown Medical College and, in the wake of this, opening the door to securing the presence of four other international medical schools;

✔ Emphatically deferring in June 2001 onwards, the payment of any of the inherited $175 million debt on the Ottley Hall Project until SACE (the Italian Export Credit State Agency) and the consortium of European banks gave negotiated debt forgiveness; this struggle lasted until February 2007 when the debt was reduced to $16.2 million and the full return of Ottley Hall to us;

✔ Standing up successfully to the World Bank on the matter of elaborating, expediting, and implementing the Education Revolution on terms determined by our government without losing the Bank’s financial support;

✔ Standing up assuredly to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in their earlier attempts to push the dangerous idea of fiscal austerity down our throats;

✔ Pushing for a home-grown non-Executive Presidency in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and membership of the Caribbean Court of Justice (final appellate court) through constitutional reform;

✔ Building a “coalition of the willing” to construct our international airport from amongst multiple partners, some of which have no, or problematic, relations with some others; these partners have included: Cuba, Venezuela, Taiwan, Trinidad-Tobago, Libya (under Ghadaffi), Iran (under Ahmadinejad), Georgia, Turkey, Austria, Mexico, United Kingdom, USA, Canada (the last three-named through their state-operated Export Credit Guarantee Systems);

✔ Joining the USA, Canada, Britain, the European Union on a number of issues, especially those touching and concerning security and human rights, to the concern or disappointment of some of our other international friends;

✔ Taking a leadership role in the Caribbean and overseas in the active pursuit of reparations for native genocide and African slavery against the United Kingdom and some other European countries;

✔ Effecting legal forfeiture of 100 acres of beachfront land at Chatham Bay (Union Island), valued at $100 million, from foreign investors who failed or refused to develop the land under the terms of an alien’s land-holding licence issued by the former NDP government; the ULP government successfully fought off the investors’ challenge all the way to the Privy Council; we paid them a just $600,000 only, in a major nationalist victory.

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