Deborah Charles

West Kingstown

Hailing from Lowmans Leeward, Deborah Alexander Charles was born on 21 July 1966. She is a wife, mother and grandmother.

A lifelong educator, Ms. Charles graduated from St. Vincent Girls’ High School and went on to receive a diploma in education from St. Vincent Teachers’ College and a Law degree from Anglia Ruskin University. Upon receiving her credentials, she gave service to the community as a teacher for 31 years, thus, earning the moniker “Teacher Debbie.”

After her exemplary service in the classroom, on 13th December 2015, she assumed the role of Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Education where she could use her expertise well. She has used that role to capably manage the coronavirus crisis in our schools.

Her passion for youth and uplifting girls is evident in her volunteer activities which include work with the Pathfinder Club, 4H Club and the SVG Red Cross.

In her free time, Ms. Charles enjoys playing the piano, drawing, painting, crochet and netball.